Students looking with a professor at plants in the greenhouse on the Middletown Campus.
Students working in a anatomy lab.
 A professor holding up a test tube looking at it with a student.
 The second floor of Levey Hall with a person walking down the hallway.

2019 Undergraduate Summer Scholar

Alyssa Bley

Alyssa Bley is redefining what a scientist looks like with her research of endangered mussel species. After being awarded a Miami University Undergraduate Summer Scholarship, she continues to defy expectations and making it look easy as she works toward her dreams. Learn more about Bley’s research and her path to success. 

B.S. in Applied Biology

A male with a magnifying glass up to his eye holding something in his hand looking at something.

Looking for a major to prepare you for an in-demand career in Environmental Biology, Health Sciences and more? Check out Miami Regionals' newest degree: Bachelor of Science with a major in Applied Biology

Recent grants supports research on the hidden life of microbes

Professor Ferguson working with a student smiling at each other with a beaker in front of them.

Microbiologists D.J. Ferguson and Xin Wang recently received a $343,030 Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study microbes that produce methane from different environments. Learn more about his two research projects.