Bachelor of Arts

Communication skills (including oral, written, small-group, and interpersonal) are routinely identified by the Association of American Colleges & Universities and other organizations as the top skills employers seek in college graduates. The BA in Applied Communication will help students further develop and study these skills, as well as provide in-depth study of communication theory and research methods. Through intensive study of communication and elective courses, graduates will be well prepared for their professional careers and work in a variety of industries. In particular, a BA in Applied Communication allows students to work in settings in which interaction with other people, groups, or the general public, are key parts of the day-to-day requirements. The degree will prepare students to work in, including but not limited to: Meeting/Event Planning, Sales, Training and Development, Education, Community Organizing, Speech Writing, Public Advocacy, Business or Political Consultancy, Corporate Communication, and Management.

At Miami, students majoring in Communication Studies must complete a core set of classes and then have the opportunity to select additional classes in communication contexts and advanced electives.

Communication Studies Curriculum

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