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Regional Thematic Sequences and Minors

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Updated 4/2/18

Some thematic sequences and minors can be completed entirely on the Regional campuses. The Miami University Bulletin series is the official source of information about the programs & courses of study offered at Miami University. Only one class from a sequence can also count in the MP foundation courses.

Thematic Sequences

ATH 3 | World Cultures

ATH 4 | World Cultures, Policy, & Ecology

ATH 5 | World Cultures & Social Relations

BIO 6 | Animal Diversity

CLS 4 | The Classical World—Identity and Experience 

CHM 1 | Chemistry of Environmental Measurements

CHM 2 | Chemistry of Life Processes

CIT 1 | Social & Global Computing

CJS 1 | Race & Criminal Justice

CSE 2 | Computer Programming

ENG 2 | Women and Literature

ENG 3 | American Life and Culture Since World War II

ENG 4 | Film in Popular Culture

ENG 8 | African American History and Literature

FSW 4 | Children & Families (offered online)

MBI 1 | Biomedical Science

MTH 2 | Math Tools for Science

PSY 2 | Patterns in Human Development

SOC 5 | Gender & Family Studies


Minor in Art 2D Media Studies (Hamilton Campus)

Minor in Creative Writing

Minor in Criminal Justice

Minor in English Literature

Minor in English Studies*

  • EGS 301: Writing and the Professions 3
  • Two additional 300- or 400-level EGS classes 6
  • Three additional EGS and/or ENG classes 9

*The EGS minor is not currently published in the General Bulletin. In the meantime, go to the Languages, Literatures and Writing website to see details. 

Minor in Film Studies

Minor in Forensic Investigation

Thematic Sequences with courses offered less frequently at Regionals

BIO 1—Conservation & the Environment

BIO 2—Molecular Processes

BIO 5—Concepts in Physiology

PHL 1—Ethics

PSY 1—Perspectives in Psychopathology