Students listening to class instruction


In addition to the curriculum outlined below, students must be equipped with the following to succeed in this program:

  • Comfortable, working knowledge of computer technology
  • Computer with a camera, microphone, sound card and standard programs (internet browser, Adobe Reader & Flash, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), media), and 10 GB of hard-drive space (may be expected to download additional software)
  • Access to reliable, high speed internet
  • Back-up plan in the event the primary computer and/or internet connection unexpectedly fails

Core Courses (18 credit hours)

Complete all courses:

  • CJS 611 Criminal Justice Systems: Theory
  • CJS 612 Criminal Justice Systems: Practice
  • CJS 615 Advanced Statistics for Criminal Justice (cross listed as STA)
  • CJS 631 Law, Liberty and Criminal Justice
  • CJS 641 Crime and Place
  • CJS 685 Advanced Research Methods

Concentrations (9 credit hours)

One of the concentrations must be completed:


  • POL 567 Public Budgeting
  • POL 568 Public Personnel Administration
  • CJS 632 Legal Aspects of Justice Administration


Crime Analytics

  • GEO 541 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • CJS 545 Geographic Information Systems in Criminal Justice (crosslisted as GEO)
  • STA 635 Introduction to Predictive Analytics (crosslisted as ISA)

Culminating Project (3 credit hours)

  • CJS 691 Project