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What can I do with a B.S. in criminal justice degree?

There are many career options. Policing, probation and parole, private security, and corrections are common occupations sought by criminal justice graduates. Continuing one’s education in law or graduate school is also possible.

What is the curriculum?

The faculty of the program believe strongly that graduates need to have a deep understanding of criminal justice systems, possess communication and analytical skills, be aware of globalization and sensitive to diversity, need to be adaptive, critical, and independent thinkers, need to appreciate what it means to be a good local and global citizen, and have experience in the field. Accordingly the curriculum has as a foundation the traditional liberal arts and sciences and a required field experience. All students will complete the same core of criminal justice courses and each student will select one cognate area for more in-depth examination. Currently the cognates include law enforcement, criminal justice administration, the administration of law and justice, and corrections and punishment.

Where are courses offered?

The B.S. program is offered entirely at Miami University’s regional campuses. Courses are offered day and evening at the Hamilton, Middletown and Voice of America locations.  Online courses are available and more will be developed in the future. Students should be prepared to attend both regional campuses in order to complete the degree requirements.

I earned an associate degree, am I eligible to enter the CJ bachelor’s program?

If you earned an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice at Miami University, with proper planning your credits will flow seamlessly into the bachelor’s program. If your associate degree is from another institution, an independent evaluation of your transcript will determine which courses will transfer. Faculty are committed to granting credit and minimizing duplication whenever possible.

I have an associate's degree in another field, can I earn a B.S. in Criminal Justice?

Everyone is welcome in the B.S. program. Some loss of credit may occur, especially for degrees in very different fields of study. The B.S. is grounded heavily in the liberal arts, so the general Associate in Arts is a good preparatory degree. All persons interested in the B.S. are advised to consult with an advisor early in their academic careers.

What if I have a criminal record?

Miami University requires that criminal records be disclosed and in rare cases, admission may be denied. Be aware that many criminal justice employers will not hire individuals with criminal convictions.

Code of ethics statement

Faculty are committed to the development of ethical and progressive practitioners. Therefore, students are required to agree to a set of ethical guidelines. All criminal justice students are required to complete and submit. (available in 103 Phelps Hall.)