Sinclair Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Articulation Agreement

  • Originating Institution: Sinclair Community College
  • Degree/Program: Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Target Institution and Campus: Miami University Regionals
  • Degree/Program: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Agreement last updated February 25, 2013 - check with department for any updates

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) degree is offered at Miami University’s Regional Campuses. Sinclair Community College has designed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice Science with a concentration in Law Enforcement which has a direct pathway to this bachelor’s degree. Through this program students can complete their B.S. degree in a direct and efficient manner by completing the A.A.S. degree at Sinclair and then completing the B.S. at Miami University. Additional information can be found at

Over one-half of the requirements for the B.S. in Criminal Justice are met while completing the Associate degree at Sinclair. Eligible credits will be transferred to Miami. In addition, students must meet the general requirements for graduation from Miami which include a minimum of 32 credit hours taken from Miami; also 12 of the last 20 credit hours must be taken from Miami. Table 1 shows one example of how Sinclair courses map to Miami equivalents. For the same student who completes their Associate degree at Sinclair, Table 2 shows additional courses needed to complete the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree with a cognate in Law Enforcement.

This document is meant to be a guide only. Your final degree requirements are established when you enter (matriculate) to Miami and are detailed in your Degree Audit Report (DAR) provided by Miami. Work closely with a Miami academic advisor to clarify your final requirements.

Students entering this program must meet all Miami University admission requirements available on the Admission website. To graduate with Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, students must also meet Miami's general requirements for graduation. including a minimum of 30 credit hours taken at Miami, 12 of the last 30 credit hours taken at Miami, and a 2.00 cumulative grade point average upon graduation.

Schedule of Classes
Sinclair Course Semester Hours Miami Equivalent Course
SCC 1101 First Year Experience 1-3 EDL 110 Educational Leadership (Elective)
ENG 1101 English Composition I 3 ENG 111 English Composition
CJS 1101 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 CJS 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
SOC 1101 Intro to Sociology 3 SOC 151 Social Relations (SS)
BIS 1120 Computer Concepts 3 CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts and Applications or Elective
CJS 1102 Constitutional Law 3 CJS 231 Law and Individual Rights
ENG 1201 English Composition II 3 ENG 112 Composition & Literature
MAT 1270 Beginning Algebra 3 MTH 101 Beginning Algebra
PSY 1100 General Psychology 3 PSY 111 Intro to Psychology or elective
CJS 1104 Criminal Evidence & Procedure 3 Elective
HUM 1125 Intro to Humanities 3 Elective
CJS 1110 Interrogation, Documentation & Testimony 3 Elective
COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking 3 COM 135 Principles of Public Speaking
CJS 1105 Criminal Law 3 CJS 232 Criminal Defense and Adjudication
SPA 1161 Conversational Spanish for Criminal Justice 3 Elective
CJS 1125 Policing 3 CJS 211 Law Enforcement
CJS 2205 Intro to Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science 4 CJS 272 Forensic and Crime Scene Evidence
CJS 2209 Computer Crime 3 Elective
CJS 2200 Human Relations, Mediations, & Conflict Resolution 3 Elective
CJS 2111 Ethics & Professionalism in Criminal Justice 3 Elective
BIO 1107 Human Biology & BIO 1108 Human Biology Lab 3 Natural Science ZOO 161 Human Physiology
ENS 1119 Concepts of Fitness for Criminal Justice 2 Elective
CJS 1155 Homeland Security Issues & Administration 3 CJS 276 Homeland Security and Critical Incident Management
CJS 2295 Criminal Justice Science Seminar 4 CJS 282 Writing in Criminal Justice
Total Hours 70

Remaining coursework to complete BSCJ

  • CJS 125 Law & the Courts (3)
  • CJS 220 Field Experience (3)
  • CJS 271 Criminal Behavior (3)
  • CJS 281 Corrections (3)
  • CJS 451 Comparative Justice Systems (also meets MP III) (3)
  • CJS 461 Applied Research Methods (3)
  • CJS 256 Police Organization
  • Advanced standing potentially includes CJS 231, 232, 272, 276, and/or 282
  • Miami Plan Fine Arts (MPF II) (3)
  • Miami Plan Global Perspectives (MPF III), CJS 451 (6)
  • Miami Plan Natural Sciences (MPF IV) (7, 3 met above)
  • Miami Plan Mathematics (MPF V) (3-7)
  • Thematic Sequence (9)
  • Capstone Course, CJS 485 (3)
  • Additional coursework (1-5)