Carol Bashford, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

Associate Professor

138 University Hall



PhD, Gerontology, Miami University

MSN, Wright State University

BSN, Xavier University

Nationally Certified Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist

Professional Experience

Carol joined Miami University after several years of nursing practice as Clinical Nurse Specialist at a local hospital, and prior to that as staff RN in the intensive care, coronary care units and some per diem work in occupational settings.


Teaching specialties include gerontology, medical surgical nursing, fundamentals of nursing, nursing research, healthcare teaching strategies. She seeks to engage discovery based learning through student service learning experiences and students collaborating in research as research assistants.


Research Studies
1. Discharge Planning Process PI: Bashford 6/6/14-present
MU IRB approval # 00776r June 6, 2014
Funding: $700 from Omicron Chi chapter of Sigma Theta Tau
Exploration of the discharge planning process for hospitalized older adults transitioning to home and the perceived usefulness of the electronic health record on discharge planning processes.
This is a qualitative study in three small acute care hospitals in Ohio. As PI Carol managed all aspects of this study. Member Check is complete and executive reports to the vice presidents of patient care services are in process. A conceptual model for discharge planning in hospitals is in development

2. Service Learning Brown, K., Bashford, C.W. and Sherman, I. 1/2014-present
MU IRB approval #01067e, January, 2014
Student benefits through service learning. Data collected in the fall and spring semesters in 2014 are being entered into an analysis system by an undergraduate student research assistant so we can proceed with data analysis.

3. Fall Prevention Bal, M., Applebaum, R., Bashford, C.W., Kinney, J., Shukla, A., 7/2014
MU IRB approval # oo782r in July 2014
Predicting Falls in Older Adults, MU IRB approval # oo782r in July 2014.
Funding: $25,000 seed money from Miami University.
Two undergraduate nursing students, three Gerontology graduate assistants and one Engineering graduate assistant are assisting with data collection.

4. Discharge Plan and EHR PI: Bashford 8/1/2012-12/2/2012
Miami University IRB
Discharge planning for older adults in small hospitals: What does the EMR contribute?
Role: PI
This is a feasibility study in a local small hospital. As PI Carol managed all aspects of the project, including participant recruitment, data collection including semi-structured face to face interviews and focus groups, follow-up with participants, data analysis, and report to hospital administration.

5. Program Evaluation: Co-PI: Sandra Greer, hospital administrator 3/2006-11/2009
Fort Hamilton Hospital-The Christ Hospital IRB
Evaluation of outcomes and implementation strategies for Rapid Action Response Team. The goal of this study was to implement the newly designed crisis intervention, Rapid Action Response Team, throughout the hospital and evaluate the impact.
Role: Co-Principle Investigator
As Co-PI Carol wrote the IRB proposal and all annual IRB renewal applications, collaborated in development of program implementation strategies and data collection tools, data analysis, development of executive report, poster presentations, dissemination applications, and manuscript.

6. Program Evaluation: Co-PI: B. Anness and C Bashford 2/2006-11/2009
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Hamilton, Ohio The Christ Hospital IRB
Perceived Value of Competency Based Assessment (CBA). The goal of this mixed method study was to evaluate the impact of the hospital's competency based orientation program for newly hired nurses.
Role: Co-PI: Carol was a research consultant for the Nurse Educators in development of the research proposal and the IRB application. I also collaborated in data analysis.


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