Regional Thematic Sequences

The following thematic sequences may be earned entirely on the regional campuses (or online where noted):


CMR 1: Perspectives in Sales & Customer Service (online option)

CMR 105: Introduction to Marketing *CMR 105 pre-req for CMR 261 & 263.
CMR 261: Customer Service & Satisfaction
CMR 263: Sales & Promotions

CMR 2: Organizational Leadership

CMR 301: Personal Organizational Skills 
CMR 302: Financial Information for Managers 
CMR 401: Leadership Decision Skills 

Computer and Information Technology

CIT 1: Social & Global Computing

CIT 167: Information Technology People and Practices
CIT/CSE 262: Technology, Ethics, & Global Society
CIT 448: Global & Strategic Issues in the Information Technology

Criminal Justice

CJS 1: Race & Criminal Justice

BWS 151: Introduction to Black World Studies
CJS 211: Law Enforcement
CJS/BWS 401: Race & Criminal Justice

English Studies

EGS 1: Writing for Diverse Contexts 

One of these:
EGS 301: Writing and the Professions
EGS 215: Workplace Writing

One of these:
EGS/BIS 305: Integrative Writing in Global Contexts
EGS 319: Medical Writing
EGS 420: Topics in Writing

One of these:
ENG 224: Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Composing with Words, Images and Sounds
ENG 225: Advanced Composition
ENG 313: Technical Writing
ENG 413: Grant and Proposal Writing