Toolkit for Student Success

This toolkit is to help freshman and existing students become more successful students. The tools have be gathered to help with non-subject specific skills that students should have to be able to excel in any class. If you need further assistance outside of these online resources and workshops, please contact our office.

You can contact our Hamilton Campus office by phone at 513-785-3139, by email at, or come to our office in Rentschler Hall, room 102.
You can contact our Middletown Campus office by phone at 513-727-3440, by email at, or come to our office in Johnston 2.

Chew On This Workshop Series

This FREE workshop series will help you hone skills to become a better student. You do not need to attend all the workshops, please attend those you feel you need help in. If you would like more information on the workshops, call the TLC at 513.785.3139.

If you would like to attend any or all of the workshops, please RSVP as we will be serving lunch.

Workshop Series

Hamilton workshops are held in Rentschler Hall, room 114, the office of Diversity and Multicultural Services.

Middletown workshops are held in Johnston Hall, room 7.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Syllabi!: HAM 09-11-2018; MUM 09-12-2018
  • Study Smarter and Read with Ease: HAM 09-18-2018; MUM 09-19-2018
  • How to Be a Successful Student: HAM 09-26-2018; MUM 09-26-2018
  • How to Succeed in a Lecture Course: HAM 10-02-2018; MUM 10-03-2018
  • How to Study for the Sciences: HAM 10-09-2018; 10-10-2018
  • Calm, Cool, and Test Collected: HAM 10-16-2018; MUM 10-17-2018
  • Time Flies When You're Not Managing It: HAM 10-23-2018; MUM 10-24-2018
  • A Group That Works Together, Succeeds Together!: HAM 10-30-2018; MUM 10-31-2018
  • Make a Good Representation of Your Presentation: HAM 11-06-2018; MUM 11-07-2018
  • Have Less Stress and More Success: HAM 11-13-2018; MUM 11-14-2018
  • Prep For Finals: HAM 11-27-2018; MUM 11-28-2018



The fun side of finals spent with the Tutoring and Learning Center in Rentschler and Gardner-Harvey Libraries. There will be light refreshments provided to help stay focused while you study and there will also be free tutoring provided. Please contact Lois Brown at  if you have any questions.

Rentschler Library:

  • Thursday,  December 6th from 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday,  December 8th from 12 pm to 5 pm
  • Sunday,  December 9th from 3 pm to 10 pm

Gardner-Harvey Library:

Check back soon for the dates and times for Middletown's CRAM JAM.

Can’t Come?

Then check out some useful online resources in the form of videos. These resources will help you gain the same kind of skills as if you had attended our workshop.