Student and Alumni Success

By providing hands-on education and real-world experience, Miami University Regionals offers students the opportunities they need to grow in their professions and pursue their passions. The stories below highlight the experiences and accomplishments of many students and alumni to help inspire you to take the next step in your own success story.

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Pruthvi Patel sitting working on her laptop. Pruthvi Patel '17

Major: Information Technology

Pruthvi beat all odds when her parents brought her to the US from India with the hope that their young, deaf child could someday graduate from college. Miami Regionals had a profound effect on her. By providing an interpreter and a note taker in every class, she was able to achieve her goals. Pruthvi was honored to be the first deaf student speaker at Commencement (2017) and now works full time for Miami Regionals' E-Campus department as a Digital Media and Support Specialist.

Josh Sweet sitting on a bench in the quad of the Hamilton Campus. Josh Sweet '19

Major: Community Arts at the Regionals as well as Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at Oxford

Josh work for the Hamilton Campus Tutoring & Learning Center. He is also the social media coordinator for the MUH Pride and web coordinator for the MUH Student Government Association. In addition, Josh is also working at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts as part of his Community Arts practicum. 

Samy Broyles standing in a playground with a woman next to him. Samy Broyles '15

Major: Integrative Studies, Organizational and Cross-Cultural Leadership concentration

Samy was named the Director of the Booker T. Washington Center in Hamilton, OH in March 2018. He has been active in helping with programming at the Center and helping undeserved members in his community. 

Having grown up in the community, he feels that his ability to serve as a positive role model and relate to the children served at BTW will be an asset in his new position. "I love my city and community and the support they have sown me," he said. 

Kenzel Patterson working on an art project with another student.Kenzel Patterson '19

Major: Community Arts

Majoring in Community Arts with a minor in Fashion Design, Kenzel's talent has allowed him to start his own bowtie business and work coordinating weddings, corporate events, and personal parties. He also served as the Event Planning Director for the student organization Miami University Fashion & Design (MUFD) on the Oxford campus.