Five small business owners in their place of work. Text: 99.7 percent of business are small businesses. That


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The Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree is designed to accommodate students straight out of high school, adult learners or transfer students, associate degree holders in business or other majors, and military veterans.

Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Small Business Management

If you've ever dreamed of managing a small business or starting one of your own, here's the degree you've been waiting for—the all new Bachelor of Science in Commerce, offered exclusively at Miami Regionals, in-person and online.

The Small Business Management major lets you pursue an in-depth examination of small businesses built on a foundation of courses in traditional business areas such as accounting, management and marketing.

Offered through Miami University Regionals’ Department of Commerce, the BS in Commerce features Miami's renowned liberal arts foundation backed by hands-on, experiential learning.

As a Miami Regionals student, you'll benefit from flexible class schedules, affordable tuition, and the convenience of completing your Miami degree in-person and online.

For a big future in small business, get started at Miami University Regionals. Make your own path. Learn about required courses.

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