Conservatory Architecture

The posterior side of the conservatory showcasing the architecture design from when it was built.
 The top atrium from inside of the conservatory.
Exterior of the conservatory with yellow flowers

The Conservatory features many unique architectural design and construction elements, including a unique, hipped octagonal design of the atrium roof. Also unique is the all-aluminum structure integrated into the masonry design and construction.

Visitors and staff step into five different environmental control zones capable of maintaining independent temperatures and humidities for various plant collections or research. One zone is specifically designed for horticultural and botanical research with supplemental lighting and maximized growing plant table area.

With 11,000 square feet of glass installed, The Conservatory has an automatic shade system that can be controlled based on time, temperature, or light influence. Local artist John Maggard created the panels, The Thread of Life, a Botanical History, that adorn the outside of the building.

View photos of the art panels, The Thread of Life, a Botanical History, designed by artist John Maggard, that make up the façade near the entry way.