Records and Registration staff helping someone at the window

Records and Registration


The Office of Regional Records and Registration supports the missions of the Regional campuses and the College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences on the Regional campuses.

In supporting these missions, we also support the mission of Miami University as a whole. We are responsible for registration, retention of student records, reservation of academic spaces, participating in the schedule building process with the Chairs and Coordinators of academic departments, and many other processes.

Values in action

The Office of Regional Records and Registration operates with a core group of dedicated staff who strive to use the best mix of technology based and face-to-face avenues to provide a personalized customer service experience.

We make every effort to establish and maintain consistency in processes and procedures between regional campuses. We work collaboratively with other offices to best understand and meet the needs of our students, faculty and administrative staff.

In all areas of our work, we are dedicated to ensuring adherence to academic policy, securely preserving academic records and providing accessible service to our constituents. We are committed to continuous improvement in our services and the way we conduct our business.