Make your mark in Business and Leadership

Business and Leadership

Small Business Management

Degree: B.S. in Commerce

If you are looking to start your own business, operate a franchise, manage a department or wanting to advance in your organization through innovation and new strategies, we have a business degree that will will prepare you to succeed in the largest business market: small business. Our degree in Commerce, with a Small Business Management major, equips you with knowledge of marketing, accounting, organization, communication and strategy and gives you the skills to make your mark in business. Learn more about the major in Small Business Management.

Cross Cultural Leadership

Degree: Bachelor in Integrative Studies

Context is key. Every organization must understand it’s surroundings—locally, nationally, globally. If you believe in bringing empathy and understanding to a business’s mission, we have a degree designed for you. You will use economic analysis to examine the nature of organizations operating within a global economy, develop the skills needed to manage people in diverse environments and think from multiple perspectives and learn to analyze similarities and differences in all forms of communication. Learn more about the Bachelor in Integrative Studies.

Organizational Leadership

Degree: Bachelor in Integrative Studies

Logistics. Human resources. People working efficiently, together. No organization can succeed without a particular focus on how people work best together, what motivates the team as a whole and the individual as part of that team. With courses in human resources, professional development, office administration and client-customer relations, our Organizational Leadership degree will prepare you for a meaningful and rewarding career in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Learn more about the Bachelor in Integrative Studies.