Make an impact with your communication and creativity

Communication and Creativity


Degree: B.S. in Applied Communication

The most sought skill for any job, anywhere is communication. No contest. Our Communication Studies major gives you that skill and so much more. You will study the use and meaning of messages across various context, and choose special areas of focus to prepare you for career opportunities in Public Relations, Marketing, Event Planning, Journalism, Sales, Government Communications or even further study in Graduate School. Learn more about the Communication Studies major.


Degree: B.A. in English Studies

This is an English degree for the 21st Century. You will of course read and analyze literature, write creatively and think critically. But you will also learn to use these skills in a way that fits your career goals—whether that’s an Editor, Advertising Executive, Journalist, or any multitude of opportunities this course of study will prepare you for. Learn more about the English Studies major.


Degree: B.A. in Community Arts

We don’t like stereotypes, so our art degree isn’t stereotypical. Sure, there’s ample opportunity to spend long hours in the studio painting or in the the black room developing film, but there’s also the opportunity to make a difference in your community through art—it’s creation, engagement and unifying spirit. Our degree combines courses in creativity with those in history and criticism, but also with those in communication, community development, business management and organizational leadership. If revitalizing a town through artistic projects or running a gallery is on your radar, our Community Arts degree should be too. Learn more about the Community Arts major.