Make a Change in your Community


Community Development

Degree: B.S. in Nonprofit and Community Studies

Every community needs movers and shakers to revitalize downtowns, bring together government and business leaders and help connect the dots to a better, more sustainable future. Our Nonprofit and Community Studies degree will give you skills in administration, analysis, communication and leadership to prepare you for a career with nonprofits, service agencies, local government and philanthropic organizations. You will also get hands-on experience during a practicum place with a local organization. Learn more about the Nonprofit and Community Studies major.

Criminal Justice

Degree: B.S. in Criminal Justice

Help guide the justice system, use new technology to uncover the truth and be the change in our communities. Our Criminal Justice degree offers you a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of crime, justice, corrections and policing, preparing you for a career in law enforcement, activism and within the legal system. Learn more about the Criminal Justice major.


Degree: B.S. in Forensic Science/Forensic Investigation

Using clues, collecting evidence, analyzing data, testing samples in the lab. If putting pieces of crime together, using cutting-edge tools of science and modern tactics of investigation, is your dream, we have the degree to make it come true. You decide the focus—Forensic Science or Investigation—and we will set you on the path to cracking the case. Learn more about the Forensic Science and Forensic Investigation majors.


Degree: B.A. in Psychological Science

As we live in a globally connected, ever changing world, the study of behavior has never been more relevant. Our Psychological Science degree will give you the skills to study behavior, thoughts and feelings, and prepare you for a career in Counseling, Human Resources, Mental Health, Market Research, Academia and so much more. Learn more about the Psychological Science major.