Make a Difference in Health



Degree Options: B.S.N and R.N.-B.S.N (Completion)

Our nationally-ranked nursing program prepares you for a great career and provides Ohioans with top-notched healthcare practitioners. Whether you’re aspiring to become a nurse or already working and looking to increase your knowledge and credentials, we offer full-semester classes or fully online, 7 week course schedules. Learn more about Nursing at Miami Regionals.

Health Information Technology

Degree Options: B.S. in Information Technology, Health Information Technology Major

Hospitals and healthcare centers need more than doctors and nurses. They need highly skilled professionals that keep systems running. Our HIT degree equips you with the latest information and computer technology to help manage, repair and optimize the flow of information between the clinical, administrative and financial systems in any healthcare setting. From database problem-solving and systems analysis to project management and application development, you will integrate healthcare needs with technological advances, and make us healthier for it. Learn more about the Health Information Technology major.

Health Communication

Degree Options: B.S. in Applied Communication

Never underestimate the value of communication, particularly when it comes to the information shared between doctors and patients or health organizations and communities. Ultimately, the goal of our health communication degree is to prepare you to improve individual and community quality of life, and to positively affect general public health. From patient advocates and hospital communication and PR associates, you will help spread the messages that lead everyone to live healthier lives. Learn more about the Health Communication major.