Make Advances in Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Engineering Technology

Degree: B.S. in Applied Engineering

The world will always need engineers—highly skilled professionals who keep machines processing and producing, cogs turning and systems in check. The three focuses in our degree, Electrical and Computer Technology, Electro-Mechanical Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology all lead to one of the most in-demand and stable careers on earth. If you are ready to innovate, take the next step with us. Learn more about Engineering Technology majors: Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Information Technology

Degree: B.S. in Information Technology, Information Technology Major

Every organization needs highly qualified professionals who can speak the language of technology. Our IT degree prepares you to be that professional. You will be able to plan and support hardware and software infrastructure, to keep data safe and streaming and ensure complex systems are working smoothly every hour of every day. Learn more about the Information Technology major.

Health Information Technology

Degree Options: B.S. in Information Technology, Health Information Technology Major

Hospitals and healthcare centers need more than doctors and nurses. They need highly skilled professionals that keep systems running. Our HIT degree equips you with the latest information and computer technology to help manage, repair and optimize the flow of information between the clinical, administrative and financial systems in any healthcare setting. From database problem-solving and systems analysis to project management and application development, you will integrate healthcare needs with technological advances, and make us healthier for it. Learn more about the Health Information Technology major.

Data, Analysis & Research

Degree: B.S. in Applied Social Science, Applied Social Research Major

There’s truth in numbers—how the world works and how valued you will be in your ability to understand them. With our Applied Social Research major you will be prepared to design, conduct, interpret, evaluate and present meaningful research to business and government organizations. And with an endless stream of data in almost every field, you will have career opportunities as an Economic and Data Consultant, Evaluation Specialist, GIS Analyst, Public and Private Market Researcher and so much more. Learn more about the Applied Social Research major.