PR and Design Services Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a paid print or Web ad—do I still use the online form?

Yes. Enter information in the Design Services part of the form.

What are the deadlines to use the event promotion service?

We ask that all events be submitted by the 15th of the month before the month in which they are scheduled, in order to meet various production deadlines. For example, all events scheduled for November 2014 would be due on October 15. Promotion can't be guaranteed for events that do not meet this deadline. These production deadlines are not set by our staff, but by the outside media we use, e.g. the monthly regionals calendar ad, media events calendars, etc. It also allows us to schedule and post events to the electronic signs on campus in an efficient manner.

Online forms, e.g. RSVPs for events, require 14-days advance notice if they are to be embedded in a web page.

How is this process different from the way events were promoted before?

The process is more centralized and is now regional. As a result, there are fewer chances of information being duplicated by event planners and Marketing & PR staff. Also, not everyone realized the range of free promotion services available.

Do I still need to add my events to the University Web Event calendar?

No. Submit your information via the online form, check the box next to University Web Event calendar and we’ll do it for you.

Are there any types of event that will not be promoted by Marketing & PR?

We don't promote regularly scheduled meetings, such as departmental or student organization meetings.

How do I request a change to my Regionals office or department website?

Use the Regionals Website Change Request Form.