Tammy Kernodle playing piano and singing.

Racial Legacies and Learning Town Halls


It is our privilege to welcome you to Racial Legacies & Learning: How to Talk About Race web site. Each year we invite to our programs outstanding keynote speakers who encourage our participants to think, speak and act. Join us as we continue this powerful community-wide initiative.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Racial Legacies & Learning: How to Talk About Race is to facilitate open and honest dialogue between people on campus and in the local community in an attempt to enhance and improve race relations in our society.

Upcoming Event

Racial Legacies & Learning XXXV: "HERstory HERsong" with Dr. Tammy L. Kernodle

April 11 • 7 p.m - 9 p.m. • Parrish Auditorium on the Hamilton Campus

"HERstory HERsong" is an interactive program that explores how black women musicians have used music as a means of documenting and promoting the struggle for equality and social justice in America. A historical framework is present which includes multimedia images and historical accounts with live musical performances that move through slavery, the Popular Front in New York during the 1940’s, the Civil Rights Movements and the proliferation of the Black Power movement in the 1970’s.

Tammy L. Kernodle is an arranger, pianist, singer, and scholar whose works concentrates on African American contributions to the field of classical and popular music. Kernodle attended Virginia State, where she majored in Choral Music Education with a concentration in piano then went on to attend The Ohio State University where she received an M.A. and Ph.D. in Musicology.

Kernodle is considered an expert in the area of African American music, jazz, history and gender studies. She has served as a choir director, instrumentalist, and consultant in the field of gospel performance for over 30 years. Dr. Kernodle is a Professor of Musicology at Miami University where she teaches in the areas of American music, African American music and gender studies in music.