Love and Honor

A greeting, which, in turn, comes from our fight song chorus, "Love and Honor to Miami…."

What does it mean?

The Hub, Beta Bells, Upham Arch. Playing in crisp autumn leaves in central quad or taking in the beauty of stately redbrick Georgian buildings. Strolling along Slant Walk and taking the same path as a U.S. president, tops CEOs, and some of the best teachers ever.

Standing in line outside Goggin for two hours in the snow and the wind to make sure we’d get seats next to the glass. Flopping around that same ice rink trying to play broomball. Varsity, intramural, and club sports, outdoor pursuit center, rec center. Student activities. Leadership opportunities. Cultural events and big-name speakers and concerts in Hall and Millett. Studying in Luxembourg. Uptown life.

Sharing toasted rolls, rubbing turtle heads, and sidestepping the seal – beloved traditions. The finest traditions of all being the Love we hold in our hearts for our college days and the Honor we feel in continuing our support of Miami.

We’re all connected through the Miami logo and our experiences with this great university.

Show your Miami pride…Forever and a Day

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