Building Policies


Venues within the Armstrong Student Center meet ADA requirements for accessibility. Disability friendly resources include assistive listening systems, wheelchair access throughout the building and accessible restrooms.  Additional accommodations for access to events, such as sign language interpreters or captioning services for University sponsored programs, can be requested through the Office of Disability Resources (ODR) with at least 48 hours notice.  For more information, contact ODR at (513) 529-1541 (V/TTY) or email

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles may not be parked inside the Armstrong Student Center. Bicycles should be parked in bicycle racks. Chaining or securing bicycles to any object or structure other than the bicycle rack is prohibited. Bicycles must not be parked in such a manner as to hinder the safe flow of pedestrian traffic. Bicycles parked in violation of this section may be removed by the University and their owners fined. Miami University is not responsible for damage to bicycles and locks incurred during removal. All bicycles must be removed from the racks at the end of spring semester. Bicycles not removed will be confiscated and charged a $25 storage fee.

Building Use and Guests

The Armstrong Student Center enhances student learning and personal and professional development.  An environment conducive to meeting the needs of Miami students, faculty and staff can occur only with the cooperation and support of all. Persons determined by the Armstrong Student Center staff to be disruptive may be asked, and are required, to remove themselves from the premises immediately. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or Miami faculty member, staff member or student.

Commons Video Wall/Television

The Armstrong Student Center Board has approved a general schedule for the video wall.  Special requests may be directed to the Building Manager on duty who will use their discretion to determine whether or not to accommodate the request.  All major sports playoffs/events, any televised Miami University sporting events, award shows, election coverage, State of the Union and national news updates (“breaking news”) will all be shown.  News broadcasts will only be shown from major networks (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC).

Movies may not be shown on the commons Video Wall without approval and require securing of appropriate rights to show copyrighted material in a public venue. 


The fireplace may only be operated by the Armstrong Student Center staff.  To request for the fireplace to be lit or unlit, go to the information desk. The East Court Fireplace may only be used during scheduled events.

Hallways and Stairwells

In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent Armstrong Student Center item such as a trash receptacle. Easels, display boards or other items are not to be placed in hallways and stairwells without approval from the Armstrong Student Center staff.

Internet Access

The Armstrong Student Center is completely wireless and all guests can access the internet via Miami’s guest network.  

Loading Dock

Access to the Armstrong Student Center through the loading dock is for building occupants, deliveries, approved vendors, and authorized physical facilities personnel only. Patrons are prohibited from entering through the loading dock. General parking is not permitted in the loading dock area. Arrangements for loading dock use for event needs should be made through the Armstrong Student Center.

Lost & Found Policy

As a major event and student involvement venue, the Armstrong Student Center Information Desk receives a high volume of lost and found items. MUPD is the primary Lost & Found facility on campus with a secure Property Room, all electronics, credit cards, and high dollar value items are sent to MUPD daily (if applicable). These items will not be held for more than twenty-four (24) hours at the Information Desk.  

Low dollar items will be held for at least thirty (30) days at the Information Desk, if unclaimed after thirty (30) days, the items will be donated to the Oxford Family Resource Center located at 5445 College Corner Pike

Lost Miami University ID cards are stored at the Information Desk after the owner has been notified. Unclaimed Miami ID cards will be returned to the Housing Options, Meals, & Events (HOME) Office for destruction by the Assistant Director of HOME Office.

The Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for the loss of any materials or items turned into the Information Desk.


Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or Miami faculty member, staff member or student.  For the complete policy regarding minors on campus, refer to the “Minors on Campus” policy on the General Counsel’s website.

Personal and Organization Property

The Armstrong Student Center is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal or organizational property. Guests of the Armstrong Student Center are to take appropriate care of such items.  Thefts should be reported to the Armstrong Student Center staff and MUPD.

Personal Sound Devices

Portable radios, personal audio devices, or other sound devices should be used with earphones in the public areas of the Armstrong Student Center. Any amplified sound within the building or on terraces must be approved in advance from the Armstrong Student Center Office.

Shoe and Shirt Requirement

For health and safety reason, all persons entering the Armstrong Student Center must wear shirts and shoes. Persons not wearing proper attire will be asked to leave the premises. Shoes may be removed in the Ford Meditation and Reflection Room.

Windows, Doors and Walls

Nothing may be affixed to the common walls, windows and doors in the Armstrong Student Center without authorization. This includes paint, posters, flyers, “Post-Its” and other items.