Alex Kendall '17

Alex Kendall

2016-17 Chair
Armstrong Student Center Board

A Message from the Armstrong Student Center Board

Family and Friends of Miami University,

It is our distinct honor to welcome you to the official site of the Armstrong Student Center.

The most effective and highly regarded universities place students at the center of the educational experience. These universities understand the importance of providing educational spaces and opportunities that enhance learning within supportive and developmentally conducive environments. True to Miami's tradition and identity, the Armstrong Student Center serves as the family room for interactions that enhance student learning and personal and professional development.

We are so proud to attend an institution that believes in these ideals.

It is our distinct privilege to be a part of an Armstrong Student Center Board that has been empowered by President Hodge, the university’s leadership and all of you to establish and maintain the Armstrong Student Center’s guiding principles. This Board, made up entirely of students, works with the Director of the Armstrong Student Center to ensure the Center remains “by students and for students.”

Present and future Miami students alike are indebted to an alumni base that understands that the Miami Experience does not end at graduation but is something that becomes part of our hearts and souls. Every donor and supporter that has made the Armstrong Student Center possible represents these values and inspires current students to help advance Miami’s proud legacy.

With great appreciation, we would like to thank you for visiting this site and encourage you to further investigate all that the Armstrong Student Center has to offer.

Love and Honor,

The 2014-2015 Armstrong Student Center Board