Event Registration

Directions to Submit an Event Request through The Hub

A student must be listed as a member and an officer of the group with access to the event module in order to submit an event request. If the “create event” button is not visible, then the group’s president, or treasurer, can grant access to the event module.

Event requests should be submitted at least two (2) week prior to the event. Event requests submitted at the last minute may not be approved.  Be sure to fill-in all information on the electronic form; requests submitted with missing information will be denied.

1.  Go to:  miamioh.edu/hub

2.  Log in:  upper right hand corner of home page

3.  Click on:  “Organizations”

4.  Search directory for your organization or check for group under “My Involvement”

5.  Click on:  “Events” (left side of web page)

6.  Click on:  “Create Event” button (towards top of web page)

7.  Fill in form (answer all questions on the electronic form)

Description Text Box (details page) - This is the information that appears on the Hub’s event calendar, a separate textbook is available to enter additional information

8.  Click on “Submit” button

9.  Student submitting the event request will receive an e-mail from The Hub stating the event is either approved or denied.

If you have questions or need additional assistant, contact:

Office of Student Activities

Room 2029 – Armstrong Student Center