Scheduling Space in Armstrong

Please take a few moments to review our reservation policies as either a University User (student organization or university department) or a Non-University User.

Access to space in the Armstrong Student Center is scheduled based upon the type of organization making the request. Reservations must be in the name of the organization sponsoring, marketing/advertising, paying for and implementing the event.  Reservations may not be made by anyone on behalf of anyone else and reservations may not be transferred to another entity.

Fronting is prohibited. Fronting is the act of concealing or misleading the identity of the true host of the event due to non-eligibility for use of facilities, reservation timeline advantage, monetary exemptions or other policies of the Armstrong Student Center or Miami University. Users who misrepresent an event or affiliation may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges restricted or suspended.

Space reservations, catering, parking and all of the other specialized details for non-university users can be coordinated through Conference and Event Services, they can be reached at 513.529.3770.

How to schedule an event in Armstrong Student Center

Access to both of the systems referred to below is limited to Miami University faculty, staff and students.

Reservation requests should be made via the new Virtual EMS System.  

If you are unable to use this technology or have any issues or questions, please call Armstrong Student Center Administrative Offices at (513) 529-2311.  Or email Pam Goodwin (

Here are a few things you need to know:
  • The website is:
  • Your Miami University sign in will be your login.
  • Only the president and advisor may make requests at this time (or the responsible departmental representative).  
  • Choose "Armstrong Student Center" from the "Reservations" tab on the menu bar
  • Begin on the right in the section called "When and Where"; enter your date, time and attendance.  Then click "Find Space"
  • Look at the room list on the right and check the plus sign by the location name to choose your space.
  • Click the yellow "continue" button at the bottom of the page
  • Enter Event Name and select an Event Type
  • Click on the little magnifying glass to the side of the "Customer" field to select the student organization or university department associated with the reservation.  If your department or organization is not found, select GROUP NOT FOUND and enter the group name in the Other Information section that follows
  • Enter your contact information for the event request and a 2nd contact, if desired
  • Select whether or not you plan to request catering services for the event
  • Select any tech you would like (optional at this point)
  • Click submit.
  • A pop up will alert you of  successful submission.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing