Miami SOUP: What Would You Spoon For?

SOUP is:

  • a collaborative amongst faculty, staff, community partners, and students
  • a community dinner with soup
  • a platform to share ideas and connect
  • a democratic form for social change
  • a place where everyone’s voice is heard
  • a forum for discussion and ideas
  • a way to support the greater Cincinnati community.

Our Mission:

Miami SOUP’s mission is to foster a sense of collaboration and community with faculty, staff, community partners, and students to create social change through mini-grants, crowdfunding, democracy, and project sharing.

Our Values:

We value community, creativity, collaboration, social change, and democracy.

Our Vision for the Future of SOUP:

We hope to create collaborations amongst Miami students, staff, and Oxford community that will foster sustainable and ongoing partnerships that will create change in the Greater Cincinnati area.

What We Want to Do:

  • Empower students
  • Create collaboration
  • Promote action and change
  • Foster everyone’s voice and democracy
  • Instill a Miami and community pride