Student digging up weeds near a sidewalk

Service-Learning Designation

In order for a Miami University course to officially be considered Service-Learning, the faculty member teaching the course must apply for designation. Service-Learning proposals for the 2018 Fall and 2019 January terms are due by Monday, March 5th.

The Office of Community Engagement and Service (OCES) understands the many facets involved in teaching a Service-Learning course. For this reason OCES offers a variety of resources to support the successful execution of Service-Learning ideals. OCES provides designation guidelines and support throughout the SL designation process. The SL toolkit is a comprehensive resource for first time and returning Service-Learning instructors.

Service-Learning Support

The Office of Community Engagement and Service can assist faculty members in connecting with community partners with relevant needs. OCES no longer offers the fee-assessed option and does not provide any of the services associated with it, including transportation.

Service-Learning Extra Credit Option

Students may earn zero to four credit hours for approved Service-Learning activities directly connected to the content and objectives of any Miami University course. If a student is interested in creating their own Service-Learning experience please direct them to the SL Extra Credit Option page. Please note that all proposals must be submitted to the Office of Community Engagement and Service for approval. OCES will then submit necessary paperwork to the Registrar. Service-Learning experiences using the Extra Credit Option must still meet the criteria of Service-Learning.