Service-Learning Classes

Female Miami student with a whistle hanging over Miami sweatshirt coaching a group of elementary aged students in basketball

Service-Learning integrates community service or other forms of engagement into course content. As a result, Miami students are able to gain real world skills and enhance their learning while contributing to the community. The Service-Learning (SL) designation that appears on your transcript can inform potential employers and/or graduate schools about your course-based commitment to service.

Find a Service-Learning Class

  1. Visit the Miami University Course List.
  2. Scroll down to the Attribute box and select Service-Learning (SL).
  3. Fill in all other boxes with the appropriate information, such as semester you want to take the course and on which campus.
  4. Scroll down on the page and click Get Classes.
  5. Please note that S-L is designated as such by Section. A course with multiple sections could have some sections designated S-L and others which are not. Please pay attention to whether the section of the course you are selecting has the S-L designation.

View the General Bulletin for full course descriptions.