Miami SOUP

Students checking in at Shriver for the SOUP event
Community Engagement Staff and student volunteers preparing for SOUP event
Community member presenting a slide that says Youth Advisory Board.
Students attending SOUP event holding out voting spoons
Community Engagement Staff and volunteers tallying spoon votes at SOUP event

Miami SOUP represents Service Oriented Unity Projects. Our mission is to foster a sense of collaboration and community between Miami students and community partners to create social change through mini-grants, crowdfunding, and democracy.

As our largest event of the year, Miami SOUP invites the campus and local community to come together and create powerful community change. Audience members are invited to donate a few dollars at the door, enjoy a dinner together (which includes soup!), and learn about community change proposals put together by students and community partners. The exciting part of the event is that every attendee gets to vote on which projects they would like our office to fund for the next year! 

We hope to create collaborations amongst Miami students, staff, faculty, and Oxford community that will foster sustainable and ongoing partnerships that will create change in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Miami SOUP is an impactful program that empowers students, creates collaboration, promotes action, amplifies the voice of the community, and instills a sense of Miami/community pride.

Miami SOUP 2018

This year's SOUP was held on Monday, November 12, 2018.