Is your student organization or class interested in a workshop about service or civic engagement?

That's what we are here for. Our staff and student leaders have facilitated a lot of workshops over the years and we are excited to share them with you. We have a library of 15+ workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs, interests, and audience.

Under each section below, you can read more about each workshop and how we categorize them so you can find the best fit for your group. Ready to request a workshop? Just submit the form below!

Political Engagement Workshops

Free Speech and Demonstrations on Campus

Why is free speech important? What does it look like on Miami's campus? This program, developed in collaboration with the Office of Community Engagement and Service and Andrew Goodman Foundation, will review Miami policies on public demonstration, right of expression, and political activity. Examples of successful free speech demonstrations will be provided.

Engaging Your Elected Officials

An essential component of democracy is having your voice heard by elected representatives or those in positions of power. This workshop introduces some useful strategies for advocating on behalf of an issue or community that matters to you. Learn how to communicate with elected officials and make your voice heard!

Citizenship 101

This workshop is designed to engage participants in thinking about how they and others tend to define citizenship - in theory and in practice. It aims to facilitate dialogue on commonly held beliefs about what it means to be an active citizens in the United States. It also asks participants to think critically about how the meaning of citizenship, and rights associated with it, have changed over the course of history. Finally, this session will help participants to make connections between legal/political rights and forms of citizen action.

Hosting a Voter Registration Drive

Are you or your organization interested in hosting a voter registration drive? If so, join us for this workshop to learn the basics of voter registration and to establish an organizational toolkit. We will review common mistakes and misunderstandings and how to proactively address them.

Community Building Workshops

Getting Your Organization Involved with the Community

Volunteering. Community Agencies. Alternative Breaks. Philanthropy. There are so many ways for your organization to serve and give back. Hosted by the Office of Community Engagement and Service, come discuss the ways your organization can truly make an impact on your community.

Community Asset Mapping- Identifying Community Strengths

Interested in learning more about the strengths of your community and how to utilize them? Request this session. Asset mapping provides information about identifying the strengths and resources of a community and can help uncover solutions. Once community strengths and resources are inventoried and depicted in a map, you can more easily think about how to build on these assets to address community needs and improve health.

Developing a Campus/Community Action Plan for Service Projects

Student organizers and community leaders often face issues that require well-developed plans and problem-solving approaches. Participants of this workshop will learn a concrete strategy for action planning that allows them to focus their purpose and goals, as well as produce written plans and documentation that can be used to persuade others, garner resources, and move forward. Presented with resources from the Bonner Network.

How to Conduct a Fundraiser or Resource Drive

Are your fundraisers/resource drives often a last minute scramble? Have you ever collected items and had a difficult time actually donating them? Are you sure that what you’ve collected is a legitimate community need? Find out how to plan a fundraiser or resource drive with a community organization the correct way through this step-by-step workshop.

Community Service Workshops

How Do You Define Service?

Community Service is defined differently from institution to institution, but some common components apply across the board. This workshop engages you in an exploration of service from different vantage points and can help facilitate the development of a shared definition of service for you and your group.

Identifying Service

This workshop is an excellent resource for student organizations (particularly Greek chapters) who want to know, “what is service vs. philanthropy?” Facilitators will guide your organization through an activity using real-world examples collected from the Hub to determine what is community service and what is philanthropy. 

Developing Service-Based Reflection

Is your group doing a service project? Do you have learning outcomes prepared? How about reflection materials and questions? If not, come request this workshop to learn how to develop proper reflection materials for your group's needs. 


Want to learn more about being an exemplary mentor in the community? Check out this workshop on different mentorship tactics and learn how to be a role model for others. This workshop will focus on mentorship and balancing your personal and professional life. 

Community-Engaged Teaching Workshops

Service-Learning Basics

What is Service-Learning (SL), and how can it be incorporated into a new or existing class? What is the process for getting a class SL-designated? This session on Service-Learning Basics will provide answers to these questions and more, including an introduction to the pedagogy’s theoretical roots, guiding concepts and practices, sample syllabi, and an outline of the SL Designation process. Ample time will be left for participants’ questions and discussion. 

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