a Miami student and senior citizen working on an art project together

Social Action Center

Our Vision

The Social Action Center is the crossroads for creating connections between Miami and the larger world. It is also a place to inspire and educate students to take effective action. The Social Action Center seeks to provide students with resources, programs, and ideas that focus on social change; endeavoring to build community between engaged students and student organizations in a spirit of collaboration for effective action and visibility.

What We Do

The Social Action Center is primarily interested in helping students and student organizations implement their programs and events.  We do, however, execute some of our own programming that is in line with our mission of providing students with resources, trainings, and ideas that focus on social change.  We offer:

  • trainings and workshops for student organizations and leaders to develop stronger and more effective organizations and campaigns; 
  • monthly forums for student leaders to collaborate, reflect on their work, and professionally & personally challenge themselves; 
  • weekend experiences in Hamilton and Over the Rhine to serve and learn in local agencies and in the community.