Request a Student Consultant

The Office of Community Standards recognizes that going through the process of a hearing or investigation might be intimidating, however, we never want that to inhibit a student from understanding their options throughout the process. That is why we utilize our Student Court members to serve a Student Consultants for any Miami student going through the Community Standards process. Student Consultants serve as a resource to help you understand the hearing options, as well as to provide some insight into what a hearing might actually look like.

Student Consultants are not your advisor or advocate, meaning they are not there to help you “win the case” or “skirt the punishment.” Instead, they are meant to provide insight into the process, potential outcomes, and best practices if you choose to participate in a hearing. If you are interested in speaking with a Student Consultant, please email  and they will forward your request to the necessary party.

If you do request a consultant, please know that Student Consultants are also students first and their schedules are busy. Meaning, if you have a hearing tomorrow, it might not be the best time to request a Student Consultant. You can, and the office will do it’s best to ensure someone gets paired with you ASAP, but there is no guarantee you will be able to meet with someone that quickly. Instead, if you are thinking about utilizing a Student Consultant to help answer some questions, request one as early as you can to ensure you both have adequate time to meet and prepare.