Policies and Procedures

Director of Community Standards Ann James talking to two students at a presumed hearingIf you receive a Notice of Alleged Violation from the Office of Community Standards it can initially feel overwhelming or confusing, but know that is not the intention. Additionally, if your RA or RD just wrote you down in an incident report and you are anticipating communication from the office, it might be causing anxiety.

Here are some simple steps to follow to ensure that you move through the Office of Community Standards process seamlessly.

  1. Wait to receive your Notice of Alleged Violation from the Office of Community Standards. Notices can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to get to you after an incident occurs and will be sent as soon as possible from our office.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Notice you receive. If the Notice states you can request a hearing or accept responsibility, consider the options as they pertain to you. If that is not what is says, it will say that a Procedural Review is scheduled for you. If that is the case, attend your Procedural Review and all of your questions about the process can be answered at that point in time.
  3. Attend a hearing if you have requested one.
  4. Complete the sanctions required, either from your Notice, Procedural Review, or Hearing, depending on what route you took. If you do not complete your sanctions, a hold will be placed on your account that will prevent you from altering your class schedule or registering for class. 

Though this list might look too simplistic, that’s really how easy it is! More information about whether or not you should request a hearing, along with hearing procedures, are listed under Hearings.

More information on Office of Community Standards policies and procedures can be found in the sub-links under this section. If the information included is not what you are looking for, please contact the office for additional clarification.