History colorful murals and Shriver Center


1969 - Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA), housed with the Education Opportunity Program, a federally funded program. Mission: to meet the educational, social and professional development of Black students.

1971 - Office name changed to Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA). OMSA included the Multicultural Center, fraternities and sororities, and Black Student Action Association meeting spaces

1973-1974 - Office of Minority Affairs Office designation changed to Educational Opportunity Office. Programs and activities were developed for Black students.

1980s - The number of African American students increased significantly.   

Office of Minority Affairs moved from Division of Student Affairs to the President’s Office and combined with the Office of Affirmative Action to become the Department of Affirmative Action and Human Resource Development. The department consisted of the Office of Minority Affairs, Women’s Issues, Disability Services, Upward Bound, Center for Black Culture and Learning. These offices addressed the issues of faculty, students and staff.  Location: Bishop Hall.

2001 - The Office of Minority Affairs became the Office of Multicultural Student Enrichment

2005 - The Office of Multicultural Student Enrichment became the Office of Diversity Affairs (ODA) Location: Warfield Hall

2006 - The Office of Diversity Affairs Moved to Kreger Hall    

2009 - The Office of Diversity Affairs moved to Shriver Conference Center

2014 - The Office of Diversity Affairs (The Cultural Center) moved to Armstrong Student Center. The Center for Black Culture and Learning was folded into the Office of Diversity Affairs, which was deemed to be more inclusive of all students. Historically, the Center for Black Culture and Learning was a space that provided a forum for the exploration of diversity and inclusion by the campus at-large. The space included a resource library, computer lab, conference and meeting space for student organizations and for small group discussions.