Guide to Gender Neutral Restrooms

Toilet icon that symbolizes all-gender restroomsLGBTQ* Services is committed to supporting students of all gender identities and/or gender expressions and we have created a Google map that lists most single stall restrooms on the Miami University Oxford campus. We believe every person is born with dignity and humanity, and one way that we demonstrate this is by attempting to create welcoming and inclusive spaces. Having building space with bathroom facilities that are ADA-accessible and open to people of any gender, or “gender neutral,” is an important way to make sure that all members of the campus community have access to spaces that meet their basic needs.

We are pleased to announce that as of November 2015 a plan is being developed to re-label single stall restrooms where possible to all gender restrooms. This plan includes three major phases; the first phase is currently underway and phase two is in the identification stage. Phase three will include the creation of “gender neutral” restrooms in building renovations or new construction.

We will continue to update this map as buildings come “on-line” and “go off-line”.

map of gender neutral restrooms, content and text available below

This map identifies any single-stall, lockable restrooms that are known to LGBTQ* services. As available, information is provided about signage on these restrooms - most are marked with "restroom" or a joint male/female stick-figure. 

Map Information

  • Blue squares indicate that restroom access is limited to residents of a building (via swipe card)
    • Thomson Rms 31 and 135
    • Havighurst Rm 27
    • Dorsey Hall Rm 146
    • Porter Hall
    • MacCracken Hall
    • Scott Hall Rm 15 in Basement and on 1st Floor (No #)
    • Beechwoods Hall
    • Hillcrest Hall
    • Stone Bridge Hall
    • Peabody Hall 1st Floor (No #)
  • Green stars indicate that restroom signage is either "family restroom" or "gender neutral". These restrooms are open to the public.
    • Campus Avenue Building Rm 21
    • Williams Hall Rm 236 
    • Health Services Rms 105, 1
      06, 122 and 123
    • Student Counseling Services (Health Center) Rms 193 and 194
    • Goggin Ice Arena Rm 121 
    • King Library Rms 116, 230 and 316
    • Old Manse (MU Honors Program) Rms 5, 106 and 202
    • Glos Center Rm 117
    • Ogden Rm 118
    • Farmer School of Business Rms 2076, 3032 and 3034 (restrooms are labeled as all gender restrooms and are marked with the sign above)
    • Bachelor Hall Math Lab
    • B.E.S.T. Library
    • Hanna House Rms 8, 110, 204A and 208
    • Laws Hall
    • Armstrong Student Center, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor (restrooms are labeled as all gender restrooms and are marked with the sign above) 
  • Yellow markers indicate single stall restrooms, but we are unsure of building access
    • Recreational Center Rm 34 (restrooms are labeled as all gender restrooms and are marked with the sign above)
    • Murstein Alumni Center Rm 204
    • Clawson Hall/Alexander Dining
    • McGuffey Museum Rm 110B
    • Erickson Dining Hall
    • Point 44
    • Hamilton Dining Hall

If you know about additional restrooms, please email with the location and signage information and we'll be sure to add it.