"Let's Talk"

The Office Diversity Affairs believes that engaging in dialogue offers opportunities for students to discuss current issues and topics that can lead to further education and understanding, greater awareness, and heightened levels of sensitivity to difference.

“Let’s Talk” is intended to assist students in discovering the values of participating in honest, open discussion on a broad range of intellectual, socially, and culturally relevant topics. “Let’s Talk” is open to all students and will be facilitated by the Office of Diversity Affairs Staff. Sessions are scheduled from 1 to 1-1/2 hours on the first Monday of each month within the ODA Cultural Center Lounge.

Students may join a session by attending the various sessions scheduled throughout the year within the Cultural Center Lounge. Students may suggest a topic for a “Let’s Talk” based on common interests centered around diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural learning.

If you would like to participate, learn more or suggest a “Let’s Talk” topic, please contact Julian Oliver, Assistant Director of Diversity Student Development at 513-529-6511 or at oliverj4@miamioh.edu.