Shirts hanging from 2015 Clothesline Project
Several women engaged in protest holding signs that read, broadly, Rape is not a privilege, my status as a victim is so coveted taht I moved schools because I was taunted by my rapist and his friends. Survivors of sexual assault deserve love and honor.
 Students, facuty and staff celebrating global sisterhood
 Womens Center Interns 2018

Women*s Center

Established in 1991, the Women*s Center exists to support and empower women, educate the campus about women's and gender issues, and help the University achieve positive institutional change related to gender equity. We do this through resources and services, programs and events, expertise and activism, opportunities for engagement and leadership, and welcoming space. The Women*s Center is a unit within the Office of Diversity Affairs. The Women*s Center and LGBTQ+ Services are located in shared space called the Women*s & LGBTQ+ Center.

3012 Armstrong 
Oxford, OH 45056 
513-529-8130 Fax 

The Women*s Center is a...

  • welcoming space for all gender identities and expressions
  • place to learn about women's and gender issues
  • quiet location for studying, relaxing, and socializing
  • place to develop and act on your social justice interests