Panhellenic Association Spring 2015

Total Number of Women to Register                                                 1188
Did not meet Eligibility Requirements (2.5 GPA/12 credit hours)      48
Total Number Self Withdrawing Prior to Open House                         3                 

Total Number of Women Participating (Open House)               1117             
Total Number of Women not invited throughout Recruitment             4
Total Number of Women Withdrawing Before Preference Round         60                
Total Number of Women Attending Preference Round                        1023  

Total Number of Women Participating in Bid Matching             982
Total Number of Women Matched in Regular Bid Matching                 914
Number of Women Who Did Not Match During Regular Bid Matching 68
          Total Number of Women Added During Quota Additions*         56
          Total Number of Women not Eligible for Quota Additions          12

Total Number of Women Receiving Bids                                        970

% Matched that Began Open House                                                    86.8%
% Matched During Bid Matching                                                          98.8%
Number of Women Receiving (During Bid Matching)
          1st Choice       815
          2nd Choice      119
          3rd Choice       36

Number of Sororities Participating in Recruitment                                15                
Number of Sororities Filling Primary Quota During Bid Matching          15      
Number of Sororities Filling Secondary Quota During Bid Matching      9       

Primary Quota           56                                               Spring Chapter Total  195                    
Secondary Quota       6

Sorority                 Primary   Secondary                       Sorority                    Primary   Secondary
Alpha Chi Omega      56             3                               Alpha Delta Pi              61               6 
Alpha Omicron Pi      67             6                               Alpha Phi                      56               3       
Chi Omega               58              3                                Delta Delta Delta         72              9
Delta Gamma           57             4                                Delta Zeta                    56               6       
Gamma Phi Beta      61             7                                Kappa Alpha Theta       56               5       
Kappa Delta             57             2                                Kappa Kappa Gamma  58                6       
Phi Mu                      61             6                                Pi Beta Phi                    58                8       
Zeta Tau Alpha        56             6 

*Potential new members who maximized their options, meaning they ranked all chapters they attended for Preference Round on their Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) form, were eligible to be Quota Additions.