Anti-Hazing Initiatives at Miami

Report Hazing

Hazing Incidents
If you've been the victim of a hazing incident or have knowledge of alleged hazing activity, email us at

This program provides a confidential and anonymous method for reporting illegal or unethical conduct that violates Miami's policies. For more information, see Confidential Reporting.

National Hazing Hotline
Monitored by a Cincinnati law firm, callers may remain anonymous when using this system. Reports of suspected hazing are relayed to the national fraternity or sorority that may be involved. Call 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293).

Simply put, hazing can be described as any incident or activity that may or may not cause mental or physical harm to a student looking to join an organization. Informal and unofficial acts of initiation such as ‘Hell Week’ are strictly prohibited.

Hazing violates the Miami University Code of Student Conduct, Ohio state law, and the policies of EVERY fraternity and sorority recognized by Miami University. Violation of these policies and laws can only be enforced when reported to the university.

Hazing is not about ‘earning your way in’ or ‘building loyalty and teamwork.’ It is about exerting control over another human being.