Upcoming Philanthropy Events

Is your chapter planning an upcoming philanthropy event? Send details to Elissa Christmas, christe@miamioh.edu, to have information posted on this site.

September 13 |10pm-2am: Alpha Delta Pi ADPiHop, Phi Delta Theta Gates
September 14 | 2pm-9pm: Delta Zeta Dunk a DZ Dunk Tank, Phi Delta Theta Gates
September 15 | 9pm-2am: Alpha Epsilon Pi Dog Dayes, Phi Delta Theta Gates
September 16 | Noon: Alpha Phi Alpha Phifa, Chestnut Fields
September 16 | 1pm: Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Classic, Indian Ridge Golf Course
September 22 | Noon-2pm: Sigma Chi Trash Pong, Millett Hall Lawn
September 29 | 10am-12:30pm: Delta Tau Delta Puppy Day, Millett Hall Lawn
September 30 | 11am-2pm: Delta Delta Delta House of Pancakes, Uptown Park