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Three MiamiOH Global Updates
Summer term is winding down and we are getting ready for fall semester. This fall is full of global opportunities for your student.
AHEAD Award Goes to Miami Student
When she arrived on campus in 2015 for her first year at Miami, Megan Zahneis ‘19 had a positive first impression of disability services. She did not anticipate, however, that disability and advocacy would become such an integral part of her collegiate career. And she certainly had no idea that her work would lead to being nationally recognized in the field.
Required Diversity & Inclusion Module for Incoming Students
This year, all incoming first-year students will take the online Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) module prior to fall semester. The module, which was piloted to about 1,300 students in 2018-19, helps students learn about and develop skills related to identity, bias, privilege and oppression, the benefits of a diverse community, ally behavior, self-care, and inclusive spaces.
Donate Old T-shirts for Welcome Weekend Saturday Service
On a weekend when there are a ton of fun activities planned for 4,500 new students, a new home (and campus) to explore, and countless boxes to unpack, new Miami students can still find time to give back during Welcome Weekend’s service event. You can help by donating an old t-shirt.
Miami and city of Oxford receive the "Town and Gown" award
Miami University and the city of Oxford have received the 2019 International Town and Gown Association’s Larry Abernathy Award.
Leveling up Leadership through Class
The syllabus for EDL 290T doesn't look like a typical college syllabus. For one, it looks like it's been printed on treasure map paper. And points in the class are labeled as Experience Points (XP). And actually, it's not even called a syllabus, with "Player's Handbook" in prominent letters near the top of the page.
Sisters win the Presidents Distinguished Service Award
Sisters win Miami's highest honor for students in back-to-back years.