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Femellectual Submissions Sought
The Femellectual is the Women's Center's annual art and literary publication. Submissions are being sought for the 2016 issue.
Jennie Elder Suel Award Nominations Sought
Nominations for the Jennie Elder Suel Distinguished Woman of Color Award are open. The deadline is February 3, 2016. Awards will be presented at the Celebrating Global Sisterhood Reception March 2.
The Mask You Live In film screening 10/20/15
Join the Miami Masculinities Committee for a screening and discussion of the new film, The Mask You Live In, on Tuesday, October 20, at 7:00 pm in the Wilks Theatre, Armstrong Student Center.
The Clothesline Project 2015
The Clothesline Project, displayed on the Hub Sept. 30, Oct. 1, & Oct. 2, raises awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of violence against women.
Women's Equality Day August 26
Again this year the Women's Center and League of Women Voters of Oxford celebrate Women's Equality Day August 26, 10:00 am-3:00 pm in the Armstrong Center (2nd floor)
New Interns begin at Women's Center
The Women's Center is excited to welcome three new student interns.
Dr. Mark R. Boardman
streams.jpg"Our health and the health of our streams are directly connected." All households have a connection to the stream. All the water we use goes to streams. (And rivers and oceans). The streams clean the water for us – and if we take care of them it is free. High quality life in our home depends upon having high quality streams for our water to go where it can be cleaned economically. Without them, we would have to pay for what nature will do for free.
Julie Means
ceruleansinging.jpgThe Natural Areas has the potential to house a lot of bird species. I was surprised to see from some 1938 photos how bare the land was and how much has recovered through the process of succession and land protection.
Dr. James M. Rubenstein
teaching-1.jpgI take the students to the Natural Areas to make sure they are aware they exist. Once they experience them they are bowled over by what they see.