Student discipline has been a topic of concern and debate throughout the history of higher education. Today, it seems to be a topic of even greater concern. It is hard to imagine another single topic that is such a dramatic reflection of our attitudes and assumptions about the nature of our students, our relationship to them, and our role in their development. In addition, campus disciplinary processes tend to reflect the issues that swirl in the broader society.

The rules of this institution establish the necessary boundaries that define the values and standards of Miami. It is our belief that the process of student discipline is consistent with the fundamental values and objectives of our community. Further, our conduct philosophy and system are a positive force in helping Miami achieve its educational mission as well as helping students achieve their educational goals.

Our office seeks to provide an educational atmosphere through which the values and standards of Miami can be reinforced, students can learn to think critically and ethically about their decisions, and conflict can be resolved in an amicable and constructive manner.