Judicial Process

Our office seeks to provide an educational atmosphere through which the values and standards of Miami can be reinforced, students can learn to think critically and ethically about their decisions, and conflict can be resolved in an amicable and constructive manner. However, when a student or student organization is assessed to be a danger to the university community or reputation of the university, or when a repetition of misconduct is likely to occur, the student or student organization will be treated the same as one who has failed academically and may be separated from the university.

Miami’s judicial process provides due process protections and not only meets but exceeds due process protections required by law. Miami University provides:

  • An established code of conduct that details the expectations for student conduct;
  • Written notice of charges when students are accused of violating Miami University's policies;
  • A procedural interview during which charges, evidence, rights and options are discussed with students or student organizations accused of misconduct;
  • A hearing for a further exploration of the facts and circumstances of the case in the event that the accused denies the charge;
  • An established standard of proof: preponderance of evidence;
  • An opportunity to appeal if the sanction of suspension or dismissal is warranted