Orientation Dates

Our team is eager to welcome you to campus for orientation, where you'll build on your connection to Miami and become more familiar with our university community and the resources and support that will help you meet your goals. As a new student, you'll learn about your academic curriculum, meet with an advisor, and register for classes at orientation. You'll also meet new friends, eat in campus dining facilities, stay overnight in a campus residence hall, receive your Miami ID, and much more. Most first-year students attend one of our eighteen one-and-a-half day sessions throughout the month of June (see the Orientation Schedules link at left for more detailed program information); if you're unable to join us for one of the dates below, you'll attend August orientation just before the semester begins.

Orientation registration for summer 2019 will launch in mid-March, and can be accessed through the summer orientation registration page, by logging in with your Miami student Unique ID and password. 

Please note:

  • Orientation sessions fill up on a first-come, first-served basis, and do NOT have waiting lists, so new students should register early and be as flexible as possible with their availability.
  • One common misperception is that students who attend later orientation sessions will have significant difficulty registering for classes. In reality, seats in the most common first-year courses are released for each orientation session, so students who attend later sessions are not at a disadvantage. Every student will leave orientation with a full schedule of classes that will help you on your way to timely degree completion. 
  • For summer 2019, we have added an extra orientation session (session 18) to support our record-breaking incoming class.  Session 18 falls between sessions 6 and 7 on the calendar, and may look out of order, but will operate just like the other summer orientation sessions.

Orientation Dates: Summer 2019

Session 1

Day 1: Wednesday, May 29
Day 2: Thursday, May 30

Session 2 Day 1: Thursday, May 30
Day 2: Friday, May 31
Session 3 Day 1: Friday, May 31
Day 2: Saturday, June 1
Session 4 Day 1: Monday, June 3
Day 2: Tuesday, June 4
Session 5 Day 1: Tuesday, June 4
Day 2: Wednesday, June 5
Session 6 Day 1: Wednesday, June 5
Day 2: Thursday, June 6
Session 18 Day 1: Tuesday, June 11
Day 2: Wednesday, June 12
Session 7 Day 1: Wednesday, June 12
Day 2: Thursday, June 13
Session 8 Day 1: Thursday, June 13
Day 2: Friday, June 14
Session 9 Day 1: Friday, June 14
Day 2: Saturday, June 15
Session 10 Day 1: Tuesday, June 18
Day 2: Wednesday, June 19
Session 11 Day 1: Wednesday, June 19
Day 2: Thursday, June 20
Session 12 Day 1: Thursday, June 20
Day 2: Friday, June 21
Session 13 Day 1: Friday, June 21
Day 2: Saturday, June 22
Session 14 Day 1: Monday, June 24
Day 2: Tuesday, June 25
Session 15 Day 1: Tuesday, June 25
Day 2: Wednesday, June 26
Session 16 Day 1: Wednesday, June 26
Day 2: Thursday, June 27
Session 17 Day 1: Thursday, June 27
Day 2: Friday, June 28