Placement Tests and English Portfolio

Miami requires placement tests in Math and Foreign Language for most incoming students.  Placement tests help you and your adviser determine the appropriate classes for you to take; you will not receive academic credit for placement tests. 

All new students, including those admitted to the University Honors Program, are required to take the math and foreign language placement tests as soon as possible after accepting the offer of admission at Miami.  If you plan to start a new foreign language at Miami, you do not need to take a placement test in order to start at the introductory level of a language.

Placement Tests for New Domestic Students

All incoming domestic students must take the Math Placement Test; you should take the foreign language placement test if you plan to take a foreign language course at any time during your Miami studies - OR if you are a student in the College of Arts and Science (as foreign language is required for Arts and Science students).  The only exception to this rule is that students who plan to begin at the introductory level of a foreign language EXCEPT for French or Spanish are not required to complete that foreign language placement test. Both French and Spanish courses DO require a placement test, even if you have no prior experience with these languages. 

Please take your placement tests as soon as you are able, and no later than one week before your orientation begins.  This will ensure that placement test scores are recorded and available to your academic advisor at orientation.  If you do not complete placement tests at least one week before your orientation session begins,  your orientation advisor will not have your scores, which will cause significant complications in the process of registering for classes at orientation.  Placement tests will continue to be available through the New Student Programs website - we won't restrict or remove access to placement tests.  

Upon completion of each placement test, print your score or record it in a safe place. Bring your placement test results with you to orientation, as you may need to refer to your scores during orientation.  Once again - taking placement tests at least one week prior to your orientation is crucial.  If you do not take placement tests at least one week prior to your orientation, your course fall registration will be disrupted.  There is no convenient time during orientation to take placement tests, so it is imperative that you take the placement tests prior to your orientation session.

Placement Tests for New International Students

International students need only take the math placement test (via the link below).

Placement Test Links

Math Placement Test and Test Results:

Foreign Language Placement Test and Test Results:

To access your test results once you have taken the tests, click on the links above for the appropriate test and log back in to the myMiami portal with your Unique ID and password.

English Portfolio

New students can also submit a portfolio of writing samples to earn up to 6 credit hours for Miami English requirements. New students should submit portfolios in May and June, and the Miami English Department will communicate results in July.  For more information, please see the English Portfolio website.