Post-Orientation Checklist

After orientation, you’ll have about two months before returning to Miami to start the fall semester. During that time, you’ll need to ensure you’ve taken care of necessary logistics, and there are several ways you can stay connected until we welcome you back in August. Here is a list of things to be sure you do after your summer orientation session.

  1. Be sure you’ve submitted your Health Information Form. If you still need to do that, fill out the form online.
  2. Miami requires that all students be covered by health insurance. To that end, Miami BILLS all students for health insurance. If you do not need this coverage, you MUST waive this insurance by August 1, 2017 (NOTE: The deadline has been extended to August 31). If you do not waive the insurance, you will be responsible for the annual student health insurance premium, payable in full. You must waive the insurance yearly. 
  3. Read your summer reading book, Hillbilly Elegy before August 24th. You will receive a copy of the summer reading book at summer orientation. For more information, see the Summer Reading Program website.
  4. If you'd like, give your family members access to your student records (e.g. grades bills, etc.). To do this, please log in to myMiami and click on the “Student” tab. By clicking on the link provided in the “Sharing Access to My Personal Records” section, you can add people to have access to your personal records at Miami.
  5. Order books for your fall classes through the Miami Bookstore textbook ordering service.
  6. Join list-servs for organizations or departments that interest you (find them on The Hub, Miami's student organization website).
  7. Complete Part 1 of AlcoholEdu and HAVEN, which become available in July. The deadline to complete the first portion of the program is in August (you'll complete additional content in October).
  8. If you haven't already...Register for RedHawk Refunds: Take a minute to learn about the advantages of RedHawk Refunds - a direct deposit option that is fast, free, and convenient. RedHawk Refunds gives you access to financial aid refunds, student account refunds, or other funds owed to you by Miami. Sign up, and if due a refund, you’ll receive reimbursement quickly and securely. The refund is electronically deposited into your bank account at any bank in the United States. And you’ll receive it within 24 to 72 hours after processing rather than waiting seven to 10 days for funds to be issued by check. Be on the lookout for a registration email from that will be sent to your Miami email account soon (if not already). Follow the steps in the email; registration is quick and easy!

    For additional information on RedHawk Refunds, please visit

  9. Keep in touch with new friends from orientation.
  10. Make travel arrangements for Move-In Day on August 23 or 34, 2017 (information will come with your housing assignment in late July/early August). Plan to attend required Welcome Week events beginning Thursday evening and extending throughout that weekend. Additional Welcome Week events will continue through mid-October. The complete schedule of Welcome Week programs will be posted in the Orientation and Welcome Week app (same as the orientation app you may have already downloaded) in early to mid-August.
  11. Pay your bill – it’s due in mid-August, 2017. If you have questions about bill payment, please contact the One Stop.