Mathematics and Foreign Language Placement Tests

All new students, including those admitted to the University Honors Program, must take the math and foreign language placement tests as soon as possible after accepting the offer of admission at Miami.  If you do not take the placement tests at least five business days before your orientation session, your course registration will likely be disrupted.  

Placement Tests for New Domestic Students

Take placement tests for math and foreign language online using the links below. These tests will determine course placement in specific areas, but may also affect access to related courses (e.g., math placement affects course registration in Chemistry, Economics, etc.). As such, these tests are very important, and deserve your careful attention. If you do not take placement tests at least three business days before your orientation session, your course registration will likely be disrupted.

All new students must take the math placement test. If you are planning to study a foreign language or are required to do so, take a placement exam in every language you've previously studied -- even if you are considering starting a new language. Please note: all majors within the College of Arts & Science, and some majors in the College of Creative Arts and the College of Engineering and Computing have a foreign language requirement. 

If you have questions about placement tests, please contact the advising office for the college of your major: College of Arts and Science: 513-529-3031; College of Creative Arts: 513-529-2209; College of Education, Health, and Society: 513-529-6317; College of Engineering and Computing: 513-529-0700; Farmer School of Business: 513-529-1712.

Placement Tests for New International Students

International students need only take the math placement test (via the link below).

Placement Test Links

Math Placement Test and Test Results:

Foreign Language Placement Test and Test Results:

To access your test results once you have taken the tests, click on the links above for the appropriate test and log back in to the myMiami portal with your Unique ID and password.

NOTE: The math placement test above is for students on Miami's Oxford campus.  Students who attend Miami's regional campuses should contact the Office of Tutoring & Learning for placement test instructions, and ELC (English Language Center) students should contact