Meet the ORL Staff

Meet the Staff From Your Community (2017-18)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are carefully selected and trained upper class students who live on the corridors of each hall. These students work with the Resident Directors and the community leadership teams to plan educational, recreational, cultural, and social programs within the hall. RAs promote an environment in which each resident can learn and grow. They work to develop a friendly atmosphere, cooperation, mutual respect in the corridor, and an environment conducive to academic success. RAs provide students with information or refer them to appropriate resources, help with personal problems and concerns, and assist residents in other ways so that all benefit from the University and group living experience.

Anderson Hall


Back (L to R): John Fink, Max Matson, Katie Rauch

Middle (L to R): TJ Wasserman, Kate Garrison, Jacob Blumberg, John Cermak

Front (L to R): Maureen Hickey, McKenzie Pruitt

Beechwoods Hall


Back (L to R): Solen Abasaba, Lindsey Greathouse, Jessica Kilgore, Jacqueline Meriweather, Matthew Samuelson

Front (L to R): Alex Saccocio, Amanda Nguyen, Sydney Roese, Ash McCartney

Bishop/Wells Halls


Back (L to R): Ryan Becker, Charles Skaggs, Vinnie Ruberto, Matt Ingle

Front (L to R): Kate Thompson, Molly DePew, Christina Haffey, Rae Carroll

Brandon/McFarland Hall


Back (L to R): Paul Kruse, Ben Moorman, Nick Pan, Ryan Stasiak, Meau Jones

Middle (L to R): Andrew Becker, Jacob Bruggeman, Emily Clemente, Ashleigh Resch, Lexi Smith

Front (L to R): Abbey Reinhard, Hailey Barr, Jasmine Spicer, Amanda Lourenco

Clawson Hall

Back (L to R): Siyu Zheng, Ali Mahmoud, Mona-Mae Juwillie

Front (L to R): Michaela Bruno, Sarah Stayer, Rowan Villaver

Collins Hall 


Back (L to R): Samuele Belgioco, Eric Hinkle, Brandon Cash, Erik Nielsen

Front (L to R): Meredith Kromer, Kashia Ellis-Taylor, Sydney Starkweather

Dennison Hall


Back (L to R): James Hodges, Cat Warren, Cole Dorsey, Linzhao Zhuo, Blaze Kissell

Front (L to R): Katrina Calhoun, Joy Hartfield, Mina Son, Abigail Karr, Tejumola Ogungbadero, Amanda Alberti

Dodds Hall


Back (L to R): Patrick Shanahan, Jonathan Ouimet, Kelli Kahle, Sydney Arlis, Kayla Marandola

Front (L to R): Kat Holleran, Natalie Turton, Harsh Agwaral, Brandon Bissell

Dorsey Hall


Back (L to R): Christian Holden, Jamie Kent, Ethan Clearfield, William McCown

Front (L to R): Carter May, Akosua Boadi-Agyemang, Jenn Phillips, Emily Collins, Kayli Torres

Elliott / Stoddard Halls


(L to R) Jenny Scarborough, Makana Acgaoili

Emerson Hall


Back (L to R): Dylan Roesch, McKenzie Wilson, Ziva Shachar, Anthony Weise

Middle (L to R): Andres Obregon-Mantilla, Julie Matz, Kiril Kolev, Delaney Heisterkamp, Matthew Harris

Front (L to R): Alexandria Goldie, Ayesh Perera, Lexie Smith, Maggie Laing

Etheridge / Maple Street Station Halls 


Back (L to R): Keenan Hamilton, Jared Sager, Caleb Wright, Diego Sanchez

Middle (L to R): Josiah Collins, Aileen Decker, Hannah Blackwell, Ellen Kasik, Scarlet Davis

Front (L to R): Star Gonzalez-Flack, Elizabeth Fulco, Emily Brito, Mia Price

Flower Hall


Back (L to R): Alex Bronston, Christian Schafer, Tushar Bhatia, Spencer Campbell

Middle (L to R): Paul DeWater, Carrie Beck, Glynis Lonnemann, Markie Hopkins

Front (L to R): Emma English, Daniela Munoz Perales, Elizabeth Grace Huddleston, Katie Schieve, Zach Boscarello

Hahne Hall



Back (L to R): Alicia Walsh-Clarett, AJ Patel, Driana Smith, Tone McKoy

Middle (L to R): Maddie Burke, Ben Baughman, Trevor Kopsick, Erica Edwards, Sydney Skibinski, Jared Beiersdorfer

Front (L to R): Jaymee Lewis-Flenaugh, Maddie Tracy, Wael Elsharkawy, Lauren Smetzer, Ambika Kumar, Brendan Whitman

Hamilton Hall

Back (L to R): Maddie Rickett, Reagan Brown, Paige Koerper, Sydney Schroen

Front (L to R): Dan Ginn, Marissa Mallue, Carmen Stone, Sonia Bhati

Havighurst Hall


Back (L to R): Parker Whitton, Mike Crow, Charlie Lafer, Ben Deeter, Chad Rowe

Front (L to R): Tayler Smith, Pili McCloy, Phoebe Morris,Selina Davis, Amanda Sansone, Kara Noble, Nick Arnold

Hepburn Hall


Back (L to R): Jonah Sadowski, Tristin Leavitt, Vinnie Bianco, Storm Nicholson, Laura Caudill, Michael Meleka

Front (L to R): Sami Manguiat, Haley Houdeshell, Aakash Niraula, Kourtney Spaulding, Erin Hays

Heritage Commons

Heritage Commons


Back (L to R): Even O’Brien, Alisha Boykin, Hoa Bui, Dan Molley

Front (L to R): Taylor Edwards, Kitty Zhang, Melissa Knapke


Hillcrest Hall



Back (L to R): Myles White, Amanda Sargent, Jordan Ahlersmeyer, Ryan Snyder, Cookie Fu

Front (L to R): Steve Sitko, Caitlyn Bell, Arianna Pignatiello, Olivia Semsel


MacCracken Hall


Back (L to R): Vaysha Ramsey-Anderson, Brooke Harsh, Erin Stalcup

Front (L to R): Julia Moschetta, Sharon Templeton, Ritu Narahari

McBride Hall


Back (L to R): Bo Gong, Alec Samson, Chris Cole, Chase Connor     

Front (L to R): Ashley Mays, Margaret Mary Nguyen, Brooke Buchanan

Miami Inn / Symmes Halls 

Miami Inn & Symmes

Back (L to R): Courtney Kemper, Fred Myrtle, Meghan Arsenault, Chris Smitherman

Middle (L to R): Devin Cook-Dokas, Leighton Kentwell, Sam Wilson, Julia Timko, Bradley Cutler

Front (L to R): Lynn Hyunh, Jared Kammer, Ashley Gough, Jared Sanford

Morris Hall


Back (L to R): Ricardo Trevino, Albion Dean, Alex Oladele, Michael Nguyen

Middle (L to R): Carlos Garcia-Fuentes, Michael Nau, Katherine Cavanaugh, Allison Fugger, Amanda Gonzalez

Front (L to R): Richelle Boyd, Maddie Gebhart, Emily Burwinkle, Alyssa Miciunas

Ogden Hall


Back (L to R): Jacob Burko, Maggie Kruth, Jeff Hurley

Front (L to R): Eric Hartkopf, Dom Kokoszko, Evan Swihart, Quiyanni Smith


Peabody/Mckee Halls

Peabody & Mckee


Back (L to R): Khoi Hua, Juanita Kwarteng, Rachael Lange, Grant Mays, Derek Brantingham

Front (L to R): MacKallie Householder, Renee Boyd, Grace Moody, Rachael Gebhart, Max Walters

Porter Hall

Porter Hall

Back (L to R): Jessi Zachman, Holly Sefton, Tori Cheffer, Annamarie Nocera

Front (L to R): Madison Turner, Lindsay Brandt, Natasha Young, Eden Eisel, Jessi Wright

Richard Hall


Back (L to R): Riley Rosinski, Blaire Mikesell, Katie Tranor

Front (L to R): Halima Isu, Claire Papamarcos, Brittany Schwass

Stanton Hall


Back (L to R): Brandt Groene, Karlee Tolbert, Angelo Gelfuso, Dhiksha Acher, Chris Beecroft

Front (L to R): Erin Graves, Rachel Oliviero, Tasha Roberts, Vikramaditya Pandey

Stonebridge Hall


Back (L to R): Alex Jenkins, Jalen Perkins, Jonathan James, Nick Meyer, Pranshu Kumar

Front (L to R): Ellen Qian, Tiffany Turkovich, Samantha Kingdom, Lili Scarlato

Swing Hall


Back (L to R): Chris Hertz, Aidyn Scott, Zachary Rutledge, Nick Hutchinson, Austin Heineman

Front (L to R): Claire Lyu, Alexis McKenzie, Sydnee O’Weasney, Scott Nicholson

Tappan Hall


Back (L to R): Cory Duchesneau, Dapo Osinowo, Maureen Kimutis, Anthony Mussari, Josh Sekerak, Noah Cali

Front (L to R): Sharee Nurse, Amanda Parel, Amanda Brennan, Britt Hochstetler

Thomson Hall


Back (L to R): Cameron Green, Kevin Nguyen, Yomi Okeowo

Front (L to R): Miata Murphy, Deeksha Singh, Christina Lin

Not Pictured: Mathew Ferguson

Meet the Professional Residence Hall Staff (2018-19)

Resident Directors are full time, master's level, professional staff who oversee larger residence halls. They are responsible for coordinating the living learning community(s) within their residence hall and supervising the staff of the residence hall. They are specially trained to work with college students in group living situations, and respond to student issues. Graduate Assistants are commonly enrolled in the Student Affairs in Higher Education master's degree program at Miami University.  They, too, receive special training to direct their residence halls. 

Anderson Hall


Resident Director, Anderson Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2244

Beechwoods Hall


Jessica Kilgore
Resident Director, Beechwoods Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2983

Bishop/Wells Halls

Evan Keil
Area Coordinator, Bishop/Wells/Stoddard/Elliot/Ogden Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2016

Brandon Hall


Tone McKoy
Graduate Assistant, Brandon Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2114

Clawson Hall


Amanda Gonzalez 
Graduate Assistant, Clawson Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2747

Collins Hall


Tiless Turnquest 
Graduate Assistant, Collins Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2197   

Dennison Hall


Ricardo Trevino 
Area Coordinator, Dennison, Collins & McBride Halls
Office Phone: 513-529-3330

Dodds Hall


Kenneth Carter
Resident Director, Dodds Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2962

Dorsey Hall


Morgan Glazier 
Resident Director, Dorsey Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-3760

Elliott/Stoddard Halls


Charlie Lafer
Graduate Assistant, Elliott/Stoddard Halls
Office Phone: 513-529-3976

Emerson Hall


Katie Kromer
Resident Director, Emerson Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-3446 


Jose Jacobo
Graduate Assistant, Emerson Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-3433

Etheridge Hall/Maplestreet Station


Kourtney Duchesneau Spaulding
Resident Director, Etheridge Hall/Maplestreet Station
Office Phone: 513-529-2763


Sharee Nurse
Graduate Assistant, Etheridge Hall/Maplestreet Station
Office Phone: 513-529-8290 

Flower Hall


Resident Director, Flower Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-4122 

Hahne Hall


Jaymee Lewis-Flenaugh
Resident Director, Hahne Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-4335

Virginia Agee
Graduate Assistant, Hahne Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2713

Hamilton Hall


Morgan Snow
Graduate Assistant, Hamilton Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-3852

Havighurst Hall


Rich Kammer 
Resident Director, Havighurst Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-4427


Ryan Moguel 
Graduate Assistant, Havighurst Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-4426

Hepburn Hall


Tasha Roberts
Area Coordinator, Hepburn, Brandon & McFarland Halls
Office Phone: 513-529-2993

Heritage Commons


Hoa Bui
Resident Director, Heritage Commons
Office Phone: 513-529-9381

Hillcrest Hall

Resident Director, Hillcrest Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2985

McBride Hall

Matthew Ferguson
Graduate Assistant, McBride Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-5706

McFarland Hall


Katrina Calhoun
Graduate Assistant, McFarland Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-6150

McKee/Peabody Halls


Rachael Lange
Resident Director, McKee/Peabody Halls
Office Phone: 513-529-7478

Miami Inn/Symmes Halls

Chris Good
Resident Director, Miami Inn/Symmes Halls
Office Phone: 513-529-6952

Minnich Hall



Aidyn Scott
Resident Director, Minnich Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-5252


Morris Hall



Keenan Hamilton
Resident Director, Morris Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-5561


Kpandi Lumeh
Graduate Assistant, Morris Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-5604

Ogden Hall


Jeff Hurley

Graduate Assistant, Ogden Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-6270

Presidents Hall


Andy Obregon-Mantilla
Resident Director, Presidents Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-


Ziva Shachar
Graduate Assistant, Presidents Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-

Scott Hall


Nathan Bettenhausen
Resident Director, Scott Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2322

Stanton Hall


Julie Goodwin
Resident Director, Stanton Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-7780

Stonebridge Hall


Jonathan James
Resident Director, Stonebridge Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-2981

Tappan Hall


Alexis Hill
Resident Director, Tappan Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-7903

Thomson Hall


Jordan Ahlersmeyer-Huang
Resident Director, Thomson Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-1097

Withrow Hall


Nick Stanford
Resident Director, Withrow Hall
Office Phone: 513-529-

Meet the Central Staff

Abowitz Rob Abowitz
Associate Director
Masoomi Sasha Masoomi
Assistant Director

Kyleen Ammerman
Assistant Director

Sorensen Erik Sorensen
Assistant Director

Tresa Barlage Zianno
Associate Director

Volk Rosemarie Volk
Program Associate
Bell-Robinson Vicka Bell-Robinson
Watterson Melanie Watterson
Program Associate
Hawkins Joe Hawkins
Assistant Director