Students and family organizing a residence hall room during 2014 Move In

Academic Advising

Students enjoy the benefits of a collaborative academic advising system at Miami University. The philosophy is that students seek information from various experts on campus that can assist them in developing a successful academic path towards graduation and beyond.
Summer Orientation Academic Advising Nearly 95% of first-year students attend one of the two-day summer Orientation sessions, during which students spend considerable time learning about the Miami Plan and their academic division. Before students leave Orientation, they register for their first semester courses.

First Year Advising
First-year students in residence halls work closely with a live-in academic adviser.  This adviser serves as the student's primary adviser throughout the first semester. First-year studentes who commute to campus work with the Commuter Center Graduate Assistant who is located in the Armstrong Student Center.  Students participating in the Scholastic Enhancement Program work closely with advisers in the Rinella Learning Center.  These advisers:

  • are trained to help students develop academic goals and find resources on campus
  • help students in their transition to academic life in college
  • help student ask themselves questions about their choice of major and other academic decisions
  • teach students how to make the best of the Miami Plan
  • know the basic requirements for each of the five academic divisions
  • assist with course planning for the spring semetser
  • intervene with students who are having academic difficulty

Academic Program Considerations In addition to their live-in academic adviser, who will assist with general information and university transition support:

  • Students who are University Studies majors are assigned a faculty adviser from the College of Arts and Science to assist with academic course selections or questions.
  • Students in the College of Creative Arts and the College of Engineering and Computing are assigned a faculty adviser from their department to assist students with major specific questions or concerns.

Advising Support Programs Students are encouraged to seek support and advice from program experts if applicable to their academic plan.  Whereas this may be overwhelming to some, it is consistent with the goal of having the student advised by the person with the most knowledge of the program.  The First Year Advising staff can assist the student in putting information together and developing a successful academic plan.  Departments that offer advising support include:

The University Honors Program
Study Abroad
Reserve Officer Training Corps (Air Force or Navy)
Intercollegiate Athletics
Bernard B. Rinella, Jr. Learning Center
Office of Career Services
Scholastic Enhancement Program

Advising Beyond the First Year
In mid-February of a student's first year, each student is assigned a Faculty or Departmental Adviser in his or her major.  For many students, this adviser will serve as their primary academic adviser throughout the remainder of their Miami career.