Academic Interventions

Rinella Learning Center provides support for students who are facing or who have faced previous academic issues at Miami University. Our center supports these students through a number of academic interventions, which target students who are at risk of their academic status being in jeopardy. These programs, with student participation and engagement, allow students to achieve good academic standing at Miami. 

The following interventions are currently sponsored or conducted by the Rinella Center and its' partners in academic advising offices across campus:

  • Mid-Term Intervention: First-year students who receive a mid-term grade of C- or lower in any class. Mid-Term Intervention aims to help students who are having difficulty with the transition to college. 
  • First-Year Intervention: Spring Semester first-year students whose first term GPA was 2.0 or lower, leading to academic Warning. 
  • Second-Year Intervention: Students whose cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 at the beginning of their sophomore year. Second Year Intervention seeks to help students who are beginning their second year at Miami on Academic Probation.
  • Return from Suspension Intervention: Students who have been suspended from Miami and who are returning to Miami after their suspension period is complete.